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Company Profile

Located in HuaiShang administrative area of Bengbu City, Anhui Zhongheng Business Development Co.Ltd was established with registered capital of 500 million in April 23, 2012. Market development, renting and management are the main businesses of Zhongheng. Furthermore, residential development, industrial plant construction, property management services, hotel management, market and commodity information services, storage services, delivery of cargo and many more. At present, our company is building Bengbu Yiwu International Trade City.


Bengbu Yiwu Intrenational Trade City is the core programme which represents that Bengbu City party committee and government thoroughly practice the “Scientific Development” and promote the market transformation and city upgrading. Undoubtedly, our International Trade City will be a landmark for the city modernization of Bengbu. Situated at the north of Huaishang Ave, south of Shuangdun Rd., east of Jiefang Rd., and west of Yanan Rd, Bengbu Yiwu International Trade city enjoys the convenient transportation and ideal location.


The project whose total investment costs 10 billion yuan covers 329 acre project area. The overall floorage covers approximately 3,500,000 square meters. The project consists of market area and industrial area. Specifically, the market area includes main market, custom street, logistics and transportation, residence area, etc.


Covering an area of nearly 47acres and 460,000 square meters planning area, the main market can be sorted with 4 floors and a basement. They mainly deal in handicraft works, accessories, hardware, merchandise, umbrellas, electronic products, toys, cosmetics, stationery and sport goods, clock and watches, socks, shoes and hats, costumes, fabrics and accessories, groceries and China tea, etc.


The custom street occupies about 129 acres, with a total planning area of 160 thousand square meters. By using popular international district development mode, the street mainly concentrates on art jewelry, imported goods, branded clothing and delicious food, together with financial and business services.


With a planning construction area of 260 thousand square meters, the 63-acre urban complex will introduce supermarkets, shopping centers, 3D cinemas, entertaining centers, high-end dining, video game, bookstores and cultural recreation, etc.


The logistics and transportation area spreads nearly 94 acres and has a planned floor area of 30,000 square meters. The bus system will have bus lines towards intercity and other parts in Northern Anhui, like Wuhe, Guzheng, Huaiyuan and Fengyang, etc. As far as logistics is concerned, more than 100 famous logistics companies will be available, covering Anhui and nearly all regions of China. \


The residential district is estimated to have a construction area of 1.1 million square meters and occupy about 58 acres. Adopting international ecological living standard, the residential area aims to become a high-end community, providing living facilities for major market merchants and their employees.


Best designed for international standard plant, standard warehouses, mating businesses, talent apartment as well as staff quarter, the industrial processing zone whose planning construction area is approximately 1.1 million square meters covers an area of about 176 acres. It is planned to introduce 500-800 production and processing enterprises.


Bengbu Yiwu International Trade City is based on Bengbu City, covering the whole province and surrounding areas, namely, Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu, etc. We are planning to make it the largest, the most influential and the most modern business centre which is well equipped with business offices, financial services, leisure and recreation as well as service apartments out of a market. In the near future, Bengbu Yiwu International Trade City will be a whole industrial chain, integrated, international and first-class commodity trading platform where exhibition, trade, storage, logistics, information publishing, integrated services, e-commerce, research and development, production and processing can be easily reached. Once completed, the project will offer jobs for more than 150 thousand people. The average daily trips can reach as high as 150 thousand. It is estimated that the sum of business transaction is about 8-15 billion within one year after opening. 30 billion sum of business transction can be realized after three years. All the achievements will greatly promote the commodity production and processing industry level of Bengbu City, optimize industrial structure as well as upgrade market transformation and offer Bengbu a golden opportunity to rebuild the business leading position in Anhui province and even in middle China.


Now, the first-stage project of market area, customer street as well as logistics and transportation will begin construction at July. By the end of next year, the project will be put into use. The market part of Bengbu Yiwu International Trade City takes example of and employs the advanced designs currently used in international shopping centers. It is euqipped with systems including e-commerce, intelligent safety, logistics drayage distribution, finanical services, central air-conditioning, large electronic screens, wide band, data center, circuling elavated lanes, large parking lots, rain recycling, automatic skylight and so many other facilities. It is safe to say that this market is a modern business center combining shopping, tourism and leisure. Also, it will be the commodity market with the highest level of modernism and internationalism in Anhui province. 


Complying with the principle of "People first, ecology optimization and laying equal stress on economical and social efficiency", Bengbu Yiwu International Trade City is a new sort of commercial and cultural real estate project that is full of times characteristics. The Project fully considers the features and regional advantage of Bengbu City and completely reflects the sense of foreseeability and creativity. At the same time, the international trade city is a building complex with city landmark landscape; a modern city commercial complex including market, business, office, leisure, transportation, accommodation; a city complex full of comprehensive, systematic and mature services and a well-equipped engine based on the six generation market as well as industry and trade. There is no doubt that it will make great contribution to Bengbu's economical and social development.